How To Sync And Upload Photos From Android to Cloud Automatically?

I’m quite sure that your heart would skip a beat on the thought of losing all the pictures that you have in your phone without having them saved elsewhere. The only solution in this matter would be having the pictures backed up. While we have good apps for data backup, it’d be best if we have them save our pictures automatically by themselves without us having to do it manually. Apple has its official iCloud service to get the job done. As for Android users, the task can be achieved through multiple services. You can ensure the security of your pictures by using these services even if your phone’s lost or stolen.


Dropbox has been ruling the cloud for a while now and is quite possibly one of the most used cloud services. A new Dropbox user gets about 2GB of free storage. It really doesn’t sound much at all, but you can earn more free storage along your way. Configuring Dropbox’s Android app to backup your photos automatically is quite simple.


Just hit that button on your app, and voila, it’ll automatically start backing up the photos held on your smartphone. It’ll do the same every time it detects an addition of a new photo to the phone.


This may seem ┬ábit weird to you, and rightfully so. Google+ is supposed to be a social network and not a cloud storage medium for uploading photos. One would assume that the mentioned purpose would be served better through Google Drive, but that’s not the case. For some reason, Google allows automatic cloud backup for photos through Google+ instead of the Google Drive. Regardless of any such concerns, it’s still a very useful feature that you can make use of.


Go to the Google+ app on your phone and get to the settings window. Turn on the Auto backup. That is all, you photos will be synced over time intervals. You may have a point of concern here since the photos would be uploaded on a social network. You need not worry about that since only you’d be the one to see them.

These are the top 2 apps that I could recommend to have your photos synced automatically to ensure their security. There are a few other ways to get this done as well. You can use third party apps for SkyDrive since it doesn’t offer the auto upload feature otherwise. I hope it was helpful to those concerned, cheers :)


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