Top 10 Richest Technology Entrepreneurs in the World

There are certain individuals who have paved the way for numerous technology professionals around the world and made a difference in the society using their brilliant ideas and concepts. Everybody dreams of doing something remarkable and becoming rich, but only a few actually manage to pull it off. There are great minds behind the richest technology companies that exist today. Here is a list of the top 10 richest technology entrepreneurs that have become household names all over the globe based on their net worth.

1. Bill Gates – $67 Billion


The chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is known widely for being one of the richest people alive on the planet, if not the richest. He is one of the best and the most successful entrepreneurs to have stepped foot on Earth. Some people say that  if Bill Gates ever dropped a few hundred dollars from his pocket, he’d have earned more by the time he’d have picked them up. Take it for what it’s worth.

2. Lawrence Ellison – $43 Billion


Lawrence Ellison is an inspiration to all the Database systems employees, and students, like myself. A database project, Oracle, for the CIA was all Ellison needed to turn his life around. He is the founder of the premier Database systems enterprises, Oracle Corporation. He makes this list on number two and isn’t far behind on the list of the richest people in the world in any profession.

3. Jeff Bezos – $25.2 Billion


Do you like to buy things online and are thankful for the service’s existence? You owe one to Jeff Bezos. Being a technology entrepreneur, Bezos played a huge role in the growth of e-commerce. He is the owner of, the international multi Billion Dollar e-commerce corporation. Besides that, he is the man behind the Kindle electronic book reader.

4. Larry Page – $23 billion


He is the co-founder of the internet giant, Google. He replaced Eric Schmidt as the CEO of Google back in 2011 and is the creator of Google’s famous PageRank. Besides that, he is also looking after some other initiatives e.g. Chrome, Youtube and Android.

5. Sergey Brin – $22.8 Billion


Brin co-founded Google with Larry Page and falls just a couple points below his partner’s net worth. He earned a PhD degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. Along with Larry Page, he looks after Google’s projects. One of the is Google glass that has gained a lot of popularity recently.

6. Michael Dell – $15.3 Billion


His name shall tell you about the company he owns. That’s right. Dell. One of the top brands that manufactures and sells personal computers and other products.

7. Steve Ballmer – $15.2 Billion


Steve Ballmer has been the CEO of Microsoft since the year 2000. He holds the distinction of being the second man to become a billionaire without being the founder of any company, and the first on this list. He joined Microsoft back in 1980 when he dropped out of the Stanford graduate School of Business.

8. Paul Allen – $15 Billion


 Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft. Besides that, he owns two professional sports teams and is a part-owner of another professional sports team. To add further, he is the founder of  Vulcan Inc. The company manages his business and philanthropic efforts.

9. Mark Zuckerberg – $13.3 Billion


Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and an entrepreneur that is known all over the world for being the co-founder of  the be all end all of social media, Facebook. Nothing else needs to be said about the success of Facebook since it was brought online. Facebook is currently the top ranked website on the internet, justifying the cash that goes in Zuckerberg’s pockets.

10. Azim Premji – $11.2 Billion


Azim Premji is an Indian businessman and is the owner of Wipro Limited, a leading company in the software industry in India. The TIME magazine listed him among the 100 most influential people twice.

So, the list ends here. If you have any suggestions for additions to the list, let us know.


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