Tips to Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

Laptop overheating eh? No need to be alarmed as we have all been there. I had to replace my previous laptop because overheating caused the motherboard to fry up like an egg and also messed up with the RAM, so I purchased a new laptop but was warned not to overuse it, but being a serious gamer I ended up overheating my laptop again and again. In order to prevent the same fate from occurring again I took some measures to ensure that my new laptop would not get cooked into an omelette, but before we get into that lets take a look at what overheating is and what exactly causes it.


What is overheating and how is it caused?

Imagine running on a treadmill or doing some high intensity cardio exercise, you may have noticed that after a couple of minutes your body starts to react and the body temperature becomes rises during an exercise. Same case is while running a laptop (pun intended), when you use your laptop for long periods of time it ends up being overheated as a lot of work is done in the motherboard.

Is it normal for my laptop to heat up?

Yes! Every laptop ends up heating up as more and more work is done.

How can I prevent my laptop from overheating?

First of all a laptop can never be prevented from heating up but there are various ways that you can reduce the temperature in a laptop and prevent any interior damage.

Make sure the air vents are not covered

Cover your nose and close your mouth and try to blow some air out, what’s that? You can’t? Well now you know how a laptop feels like when it wants to let the hot air out but its vents are blocked. Basically the purpose of the air vents is to let the heat out from inside the laptop so it doesn’t damage any hardware but if the air vents are blocked off then the heat has no place to exit so it builds up inside and can be extremely dangerous.

One way to prevent this from happening is by placing a book under the laptop so that the vents at the bottom of the laptop have some space to let the air out but make sure the book does not end up covering the vents.

Its clean up time!

One thing I noticed when I opened up my laptop was that a lot of dust got collected inside and it ended up jamming the air vents. This dust is mostly gathering when you place your laptop on a piece of cloth or an uneven surface. Use an air compressor that can found at your local hardware store and blow in cold air in order to open up the jammed vents. In order to prevent such a thing from repeating I do recommend using your laptop on a flat non-cloth surface.

Use a cooling pad

If you’re willing to spend a bit in order to protect your laptop then I suggest you buy a decent cooling pad which in my honest opinion comes in handy as it lifts the laptop up from any uneven surface and continuously blows cold air under the laptop to reduce its temperature.  A cooling pad can be found in your local electronics shop, no need to buy an expensive cooling pad as any model will do the job just fine.

Keep a cool environment

Just as we can’t stand the heat, our laptops can’t stand it either. A simple way of reducing the temperature of our laptop is by reducing the room temperature itself simply by turning on the air container or even opening a window.

Lift the charging adapter

When I used to play high graphic games for long periods of time I noticed that my charging adapter used to heat up quite a lot. I did a lot of research and the I believe that the best possible solution is to place pens under the adapter in order to let the air flow under it in order to cool it down, wow, they were right when they said the pen is mightier than the sword. Also do make sure you take your laptop off charging if you’re not using any demanding program as keeping it on charging all day long tends to heat it up so do give it a break once in a while.

Well I have been using these tips myself for a while now and I have to say my laptop doesn’t heat up as frequently as it used to before. If you have any other tips you would like to share then I’d encourage you to share your knowledge in the comment box below. Oh, and remember to keep it cool guys. 😉


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